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Why is founded to improve the transparancy in the inkjet printer market. Most consumers find it very difficult to choose a printer. This is caused by the lack of transparancy. Sales persons try to sell the printer with the best marginal profit. What happens then is the following: you buy the printer which is adviced to you by the sales person. Three months later you vist the same computer shop, this time to buy an inkjet cartridge. You ask which cartridge is suited for your printer. The sales person gives you the cartridge and says: That's one hundred dollar, please! What will you do? You will pay a hundred dollars for a 30 ml ink cartridge, otherwise you can't use your printer After three months, you will pay a hundred dollar again! And why? Because you did not know which printer has the lowest costs per page and relied on the advice of the sales person.

Our mission
For a normal consumer it's impossible to compare the costs of all printers. Producers sell printers almost for free and earn millions with their ink cartridges. Consumers buy the cheapest printer they can find, but they will have to pay a lot of money when they need to buy a new cartridge. The total costs of a $40 printer over 5 years can be higher then the total costs of a $199 dollar printer!

Therefore we have developed a printer cost calculator for consumers. You fill in how much pages you print per year and in how many years you would like to depreciate your printer. You press the button, the calculator starts and you can see the total costs per year for the 22 most common inkjet printers. The differences can be enormous. It can save you hundreds of dollars a year!!!

It has been very difficult to find the data needed for the calculator. At least 90 % of the data was published by the producers. Capacity is based on 5 percent coverage. Despite of the fact we have tried to calculate the costs as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee the results of the calculator. takes NO responsibility for the results and the calculator should be used as an indicative tool. If you don't agree with the results of the calculator or the content of this site, you can mail to [email protected]

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